Top 10 Best Guest Posting Sites for WordPress 2019

guest posting wordpress websites

After spending 100s of hours in research, I have selected 10 Best Guest Posting Sites here for you.

best guest posting sites

The developer always has the ambition to be shown up on the website top ranking. After designing, you publish it online for market response and top social ranking, so you need guest posting WordPress websites for it.

Know about Guest Posting/Blogging: You write any blog article as needed by your particular and get a backlink in favor of it, commonly shows at the bottom of the article called Author Box. Guest Blogging constructs your bonds with blogger advertizes your post, possess to their customers an additional service through your link and make a consolidated relation between them.

Why Writer Feel Fail during Blog Posting

You over and over think about how you socialize your posts so that more and more people can read it and achieve a good ranking in search engine. For this, you exponentially do hard work and invest lots of money, but still, do not get a good response due to lack of exact knowledge of a right gues posting website, no result can find.

                             There are several reasons for this:

  • Selecting the Wrong Website / Links Limited
  • Late Feedback
  • Unacceptable Content
  • Payment Links
  • Insufficient Space for Advertising
  • Domain Problem

Here, you will get some latest best guest posting sites for WordPress as below:

a) Outbrain: This website connects directly with its customers and helps publishers to ensure for their digital assets. Prefer advertising with a faster engine to gain a quick response from the market. Always looking for an extraordinary post identifies its writers and original. This makes Win-Win Strategy meaningful.


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b) TheNewsify: This is the best way and fully focused on the latest and creative from excellent blog writer. You should set the range your content limit from 600 to 1200 words. Creative and unique word must be mentioned, not to copied from somewhere or other matter. More than one hyperlink can’t be attached. Image extension should be in.JPG or.PNG and wrap all the images in the folder name IMAGES. Submit your articles in DOC or HTML format.

the newsify site

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c) Social Media Today: This is one of the best guest posting sites for WordPress niche. This website is fully passionate and allows more and more chance to join their writer community with excellent skills, dedicated writing material. Serve a platform for social data provider with some regulations like Perfect grammar and strong writing skills, Always restless to share their relevant matter ideas.

social media - best guest posting sites

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d) Making Different: You can write here beyond of contents limit and boundless with any specific topic with great writing skills. In return for, a separate author page will be provided for you for links to your articles. Other authors will credit for your work and encourage you and get help from them whenever you have some problem in your articles. Probably, this strategy will promote your articles.

making different guest posting wordpress website

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e) Content Marketing Institute: One of the more option for publishing your post on the market platform. You can join this with some guideline like an article must be fresh and has not been published anywhere else. Try to better than before always in a new article. Express your thoughts without having encircled. You don’t need to promote yourself for readers.

content marketing institute guest posting wordpress website

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f) Inspiration Feed: This website is fully based on high-quality contents. Rejection policy is followed by it during the worst(poor) material quality. The content range should not less than 1000 words and should be unique and look separate from others.

inspirational feed guest posting wordpress website

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g) Hongkiat: Hongkiat is supportive for sharing blogger opinion, some tips after perfect research as well as some inspirational without having any copyright, simple and brief language, rejection may be possible irrespectively in the copyright case. So, you can select it for your free writing.

Hongkiat guest posting wordpre

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h) A List Apart: The website always eager to publish new thoughts with start sharing your ideas and jump up in the social media market with linking to another author additionally and take benefits of their guideline.

a list apart guest posting wordpress website

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i) Digital Inspiration: for getting the fastest response from the reader, it is mandatory that you write on an appropriate topic with great word collection and additionally pertinent of the subject for a good recommendation.

digital inspiration guset posting wordpress website

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j) Instant Shift: If you are going to put your 1st step in blogging line, so this website is suitable for you for sharing your comprehensive ideas of your choices. It’s not mentioned any criteria that you have an experienced writer, like an open platform for all.

instant shift guest posting wordpress theme

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Conclusion: There is no need to submit your unique blog post on those sites from where you do not get any quality backlink. Start submitting your time taken plagiarism free blog post on these top guest blogging sites.

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